Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to exactly the same information as the big banks and to be able to take the same trades as fund managers take for their clients?

Well now is your opportunity to find out. We are inviting you to join our Forex Trading War Room so that we can trade with you in the live markets and help you generate profits from our analysis and our trade ideas.


The question is why do it alone? Why try to figure out how to make money in these markets by yourself, when you could do it with a team. We have been trading these markets since 2005 and in that time have not only survived but thrived through market crashes, natural disasters, central bank interventions and political driven market moves. We have been there, done it, bought the t-shirt and now we want to put all of that experience to good use, by helping you make money trading the Forex markets.

Whether you are a passive end of day trader or a more active day trader we can help. Not only will we be keeping you up to date with what is driving the market in the mid to long term and telling you how to position yourself to make money, but we will also be interacting with you on a daily basis through our chat room to provide you with the key trading levels and most probable market moves for the current trading day.

In addition to all of the above we will also provide with access to all of the data that the big banks and hedge funds use to make their trading decisions, so you can see exactly how we have drawn our conclusions on the market direction and high probability trades.

In short our Forex Trading War Room is your one stop shop and will become your most valuable trading weapon in your pursuit of profits.


Our first goal is to make sure you always have the most up to date information and thorough analysis of the Forex markets so that you can generate profits from any potential market moves. 

We begin every week with both a written and video preview of the week ahead. We will discuss the primary technical and fundamental drivers for the general direction of the market, as well as identify the interim levels and short term catalysts for the intraday moves.

Part of being successful as a trader is preparing for every eventuality and these market previews will do just that.


You will be able to interact with us on a daily basis through our Discord TraderChat room. Everything from market moves to economic news trading announcements, we will be your eyes and ears providing you constant feedback and market commentary on anything that can help you generate profits or avoid losses.

We will also alert you to high probability technical trades, giving you the support and resistance levels to trade from and a plan of action on how to execute and manage the trade through to its conclusion.

Whilst we cannot physically pull the trigger and trade for you, we can give you all of the information you need to take a profitable trade.

Everything and anything that can make a difference to your daily trading results, can be found in our Discord TraderChat room.


Even if you have a day job and you are looking for a more laid back approach you will find the Forex Trading War Room to be a great asset.

When you join the War Room you will gain access to our proprietary Active Currency Trader framework and associated video tutorials.

You will learn a more passive approach to generating profits from the Forex markets that requires a significantly smaller time commitment than your typical day trading approach.

You will also gain access to our TC Markets currency intelligence portal where you will be able access the same information as the big hedge funds and banks, the very same information they sue to make their trading decisions


We are in the fortunate position to have access to a multitude of different reports and trade calls from many of the worlds largest financial institutions and when you join us you will have access to this too.

In our weekly trade planning sessions we allocate a specific section to talk about what the views are from the big banks, how they are positioned and what trades they are recommending to their clients.

We don't simply give you the the trade ideas, we take the time to help you understand what the reports say and what the reasoning is behind the trade calls made by these big banks

This is a fantastic benefit of being a part of the Forex Trading War room that you will not find anywhere else... unless of course you happen to work for one of these large institutions that is.



In 2015 we delivered a training programme where we taught our approach to investing in equities. This is a very methodical approach, that almost eliminates all discretionary aspects of investing and leaves the investor with a clear set of repeatable rules for finding stocks to invest in. During that course one of the participants remarked that this approach was so straight forward, it was the equivalent to learning to drive. Once you know the rules it is something that everybody should be able to do, and she wished that there was a Forex trading approach that was similar.

Well, that got us thinking, if we could create an approach to investing in equities, that was so straight forward that the majority of people would be profitable, surely, we could do something similar for active traders in the Currency markets.

That is where the Active Currency Trader idea was born, we had a mission to find an approach that not only removed much of the discretion involved in interpreting chart patterns for entries and exits, but also countered the many hurdles that a home trader faces. Things like poor execution, picking the wrong direction, emotionally managing positions, and an inability to interpret price charts when real money is on the line. If we were to be successful in this quest, we would have to find an answer for all of these problems.

After a lot of research, theorising and back testing, we finally did it. We found an approach that could be traded by someone who had very little ability as far as trading was concerned and still make money.

Our Active Currency Trader Framework is based on an institutional approach to analysing and identifying trade opportunities but put in a way that is easy to understand and follow for the average retail trader. What is even more exciting is the framework also contains a complete set of execution rules that firmly stacks the odds in the retail trader’s favour, including the ability to make money even when wrong on direction and timing.

This approach is based around our revolutionary trading framework that assumes you will probably be wrong on your first entries and the market will go against you, it takes into account the fact that most home traders just plain can't read a chart properly, and while they are brilliant with the benefit of hindsight, they just can't transfer this into the live markets.

The approach was built for the average retail trader. What this means is that you do not have to be an amazing trader to make money with this strategy, you just need to be able to follow a simple set of rules and when you join the Forex Trading War Room you will be given access Active Currency Trader Forex course where we teach you this ridiculously effective approach to generating profits from the Forex market.


We believe as educators it is important to create strategies and frameworks that are easy to understand and follow, whether you are brand new to the markets or a seasoned veteran. That is why before we release anything to the general public, we always put it through a rigorous testing phase, where we invite random members of our community to learn our approach and put our strategies into action in the live markets. It is important that the average person can make money trading our strategies and not just ourselves.

To prove this we selected a random group of people to test our new trading framework, and the results were a surprise even to us. We had expected most of the traders to do well, as the framework is extremely robust and caters for all types of traders, but as we all know 95% of traders lose money in the markets, and to alter that statistic just a little was going to be difficult, which is why when every single tester came back to us with their final results and reported that they were in profit, we were shocked.

Statistically at least one of them should have lost money, but no, every single one of them reported a profit at the end of the testing period. Now as if that wasn't enough, the next statistic will really blow your mind. Most of the traders reported a monthly gain of around the 6% mark… that is an annualised return of 72%, trading with only small position sizes. 

Some of the testers made more than this a couple made a little less, but this was the average across the board which shows just how consistent this approach to trading the Currency markets is and more importantly how easy it is to follow.

Would you like some more statistics? During the test the traders recorded an average winning percentage of 68%, a breakeven percentage of 14% and just an 18% losing percentage. 

Why is this important you ask?

The reason is simply because most retail traders find taking losses one of the hardest aspects of trading. So, we have created a framework, where you are in profitable trades much more often than you are not which will have a massive impact of the mental side of your trading.

If you have been trading for any amount of time you will appreciate just how big a deal this is!


Whilst we will provide you with all of the analysis, technical levels and trade ideas to allow you to make money trading the Forex markets, we don't want our approach to be a black box that only we understand.

We want you to have the opportunity to learn approach from the ground up and become a self-sufficient trader if that is your goal. For that reason in addition to the analysis, market commentary and trade calls, we will also give you access to our market leading Active Currency Trader course.

The way this course is structured assumes no prior trading knowledge. We will teach you everything from the ground up, so even if you have never seen a currency chart before, you will be able to do this.

For the more experienced traders it will also be useful to start from the beginning as much of what is taught on the internet is either incorrect or taken out of context. We are going to teach you our profitable way of approaching the currency markets, based on nearly two decades of experience trading through recessions, pandemics, natural disasters and political circuses.

We will deliver the course through a combination of pre-recorded videos, live webinars and daily interaction in our TraderChat  Discord group. You will not only learn the theory, you will be able to watch and trade live with us to help you really understand and apply the strategies that we are going to teach you. 

Whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned veteran this course will give you all of the tools that are vital to your long-term success as a home trader. You will learn everything from the very basics of how to read a basic price chart, to advanced technical and fundamental concepts, to the more psychological side of trading that is crucial for your long-term success as a Currency trader.

But don't worry, it is all broken down into easy to follow, bite size modules that anyone can follow and understand.

We understand that confidence plays a massive role in the success of a person in any walk of life, and what better way to build confidence in what we teach you, than to join us on our live trade planning sessions where we will analyse the markets and plan our trades together. By watching us trade you will be able to check that what you are seeing in the markets is the same as us and ensure that you have the correct understanding of the strategy. 

You can also use these sessions to ask any questions you have about the strategy or you’re trading in general, as we coach you personally through all of the hurdles you face as a trader, all in a bid to ensure you are consistent and successful by the end of the programme.

When you join us you will gain access to

  • Weekly webinars to allow you to ask any questions you have about the market, trades that you are in or trading in general
  • Live trade planning sessions where we will get together to analyse the markets and plan our trades together
  • Our research and analysis to help you make your trading decisions
  • Market commentary keeping you up to date with all of the latest and most relevant information affecting the currency markets
  • The currency intelligence dashboard which levels the playing field between the retail trader and the big institutions
  • The TraderChat Discord group to interact with us on a daily basis
  • The Big Bank trade calls. These reports will tell you exactly which trades the banks are recommending to their clients

There literally is nothing like this available on the market today! The level of information and efficacy of the strategies we teach is completely unparalleled.


Let us help you take your first step towards financial freedom today. We cannot promise you overnight riches, but we can show teach you a very reliable and consistent way of generating profits trading the Forex markets.



Your Special Offer Includes

Market previews

Trade alerts

 Research toolset

TraderChat Discord group

Analysis of 27+ pairs

Weekly webinars

Market commentary

Professional Trading Tutorials

Personal coaching & unlimited support




Your Subscription Includes

Market previews

Trade alerts

 Research toolset

TraderChat Discord group

Analysis of 27+ pairs

Weekly webinars

Market commentary

Professional Trading Tutorials

Personal coaching & unlimited support


"This is the safest trading system that I have ever come across. Trading always involves risk but this system uses natural harmonic movement in price action to capture profit whilst cleverly managing risk. Using this system to execute trades, combined with basic technical and fundamental knowledge (that TC Markets provide), will almost certainly grow your trading account." 



Successful trading is all about utilising information to help you make better trading decisions. The TC Markets Research portal brings you all of the most important information to help you make money from your trading


What separates the professionals from the average home trader is access to the right information that actually makes a difference to your trading. Well with our proprietary TC Markets Research portal, we’ve changed the game.

We bring together all the relevant data and put it into our business intelligence platform to display it in easy-to-understand dashboard, that will help you make better trading decisions.

The research portal is a one stop shop for all your currency trading needs. Not only do you have the relevant economic data delivered to you, but you also have access to charts, as well as our analysis on 27 of the most widely traded currency pairs.

We believe with this trading tool we are really taking the edge away from the professionals and putting it firmly in the retail trader’s hands. Not only will you as a retail trader benefit from lightning-fast execution, but you will be able to do this with the same knowledge and information as the professionals.


The TC Markets Research portal also gives you access to our trade ideas and portfolio positioning. We understand that many of you will not necessarily have the time to analyse the markets for yourselves, and that some may not even want to.

That is why we feel that by giving you access to our own trade ideas and interpretation of market activity; we will make your transition to profitable currency trading that little bit easier.

Whilst we cannot take the trades for you, we can tell you exactly what we are doing, and how we are approaching certain situations, which in the long run will help you develop your own skills as a trader, and the short term get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We trade these markets every day and we would love you to trade them with us.


When you trade the currency markets it is important to realise that they are all connected. Whereas when you trade a stock or a commodity you are taking a view on a single asset, with currencies you are taking a view on two different economies.

With that in mind it easy to understand how having an overall view on the various currencies involved in the trades that you are taking can only enhance your trading results.

To help with this process we provide you with a "Currency Scorecard" which gives a rating to each currency and currency pair, taking into account both technical, fundamental and positional indicators. This is not a black box, we will teach you how to do this for yourself, but to save you time we will also provide you these numbers as part of your TC Markets Research Portal access.

This is a form of analysis that most retail traders do not even know exists, let alone incorporate into their trading approach. This is something that is going to give you a real edge in the markets and is just one of the things that you are going to learn on this programme, that few other retail traders know or understand.

Currency trading is not difficult, you just need to know what to look at and how to put it into a framework that is easy to understand and even easier to execute.



I enjoyed learning this strategy. It took a bit of practice but slowly but surely I'm improving my skills at taking the higher probability trades. It's an uncomplicated strategy, easy to execute, pretty systematic without too many discretionary elements in it. I like this strategy - it's simple, not over-complicated, profitable and almost stress-free. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn trading.

 Sheryl - United Kingdom


Alex and Nicky have really cracked the perfect strategy that requires very little knowledge of the markets and does not require any complicated lines/graphs or symbols to be inserted on your charts there are no bells and whistles, keeping it simple and by following a set of rules anyone can make money what ever the market conditions are. These guys really know what their talking about and once learnt and practiced this really is knowledge for life knowing that you can extract money from the markets on a daily basis forever!

Caroline - United Kingdom


I am "over the moon" with this trading system.  I started by miss understanding how to place the trades properly.  I won on the first 2 trades I placed but the rest of my trades began to average a loss.  I then watched your initial video explaining the system several times again and began to understand how to properly place the trades for each pair and my results immediately began to turn around and  I am now in increasing profit.

This is the best FX strategy I have ever traded although it takes some effort to understand the strategy. If you have not traded before you will have a lot of new ideas to take in but it will be worth the effort.

I can see myself using this system long term in the future 

Brent - United Kingdom


This strategy is a straightforward no nonsense system with clear set up entry criteria and good money management. You can set up your trades  and let them run with little interference, which is good for your emotional intelligence.

I Have tried to learn to trade from various well known professional traders over the years but on testing them, they always fell short. Then I found Alex/Nicky Ong and their teaching is very well organised and deserves credit and they have helped me to feel confident in my trading journey. Thank you both for sharing your trading knowledge with me.

George - United Kingdom


The system from Alex and Nicky is a superb way of making small consistent profits without the stress of worrying about being in a position going against you . As soon as you get your head around the system from the way Alex and Nicky teach you, you'll be seeing your account size grow slowly but surely!! Don't be fooled by these get rich schemes because you'll blow account after account just like I have... slowly slowly catch a monkey!

Nicholas - United Kingdom


This is the safest trading system that I have ever come across. Trading always involves risk but this system uses natural harmonic movement in price action to capture profit whilst cleverly managing risk. Using this system to execute trades, combined with basic technical and fundamental knowledge (that TC Markets provide), will almost certainly grow your trading account. 

I have never traded with such a low level of stress and high level of confidence. I only need to check trade progress twice a day (once would probably do) and set-up new orders every two or three days as live trades close so that I can maintain a portfolio of four or five positions. I have banked 650 pips and my trading account has increased by over 6% in three weeks using this system from a standing start. I have not had any losing trades so far.

Alan - United Kingdom


"Alex and Nicky are very professional, helpful and customer focused and the coursework well presented, detailed and effective. They are extremely nice chaps to boot! The webinars are well presented and interesting, you are never looking at the time and you always learn something.

The ACT programme is completely different from any trading course I have seen, it is a comprehensive, interactive study course in how to approach the FX markets like a professional, use fundamental and technical analysis, interpret data and then apply it all to your trading. You will learn to look at the FX markets in a completely different way, highly recommended!"

Andy M - United Kingdom


"I've been a fan of Alex and Nicky Ong's educational products for a decade. They give you simple, no-nonsense technical analysis tools that actually work in today's markets. Uniquely, they also give you the fundamental analysis that most other educators don't even acknowledge, let alone understand. That gives you the same edge as institutional traders, the ability to select the quality technical trades, and the confidence to make money for the longer-term. Their courses are the best value by far" 

Mark - United Kingdom


"I can definitely say that the ACT strategy is different from anything else I have come across with regards to currency trading.

First of all I'll say that you guys are the real deal and that is why I decided to take a chance on this new course and I'm not regretting my decision one bit. (I have bought one of your strategies previously).

The strategy videos, Zoom meetings with question and answer sections and the Discord group have all been very helpful and because everything is recorded we can go back over material and review at our own convenience. The Discord group enables us to interact with our trainers and fellow learners, ask questions and get help, advice where needed.

I'd say that with the necessary effort on the part of participants, signing up for the course is a worthwhile investment"

Rachael - United Kingdom


"I have known Alex and Nicky since 2014 and they are the real deal! They are very experienced, both as traders and trainers and the personal support that they provide is "best of class". This course combines the fundamental analysis provided by Nicky, which increases the probability that you will trade in the longer term market direction, together with the technical input from Alex who will educate you on how and when to enter and exit a trade. On top of this, they have overlaid a money management system that really makes it difficult to lose money, providing you follow the rules.

Trading is a lonely existence and a real benefit is the chat room where everyone can share trade ideas and get input from members, as well as Alex and Nicky on any issues, whether it be technical, educational or actual trading - both before taking and whilst live.

I recommend this course to people who are looking to enter the world of forex and want to do it in a safe, cautious and friendly environment, knowing that they are with a group of like minded individuals and who have experts watching their back!"

Mick - United Kingdom


"Just a quick thank you for inviting me onto The Active Currency training programme. I have enjoyed the course especially the simple common sense approach you use which just makes sense. I haven’t been able to commit a lot of time recently to this course but the beauty of the way you have set it up means I can return to it at anytime. Having said that I have placed a few trades already and am showing decent profits"

Glenn - United Kingdom


"Having traded Forex for a number of years, I’ve always used charts and technical indicators never looking at the fundamental data that really drives the markets. The simple reason being I didn’t know which data was important and had no way of quantifying that data and applying it to my trading.

During the course Alex explains through a series of well presented videos the data that’s important, a framework to use this data to give a structural grid and directional methodology to forex trading.

Once you’re mastered the strategy and taken advantage of Alex & Nicky’s continued support and knowledge (through a discord chat group and web portal), the ACT strategy is straight forward to implement and only takes around 30 minutes a day"

Christine - Singapore


"Forex trading is completely new to me. The way you explain is very clear even to beginners like me.

The way you apply the strategy explaining how and why gives me a lot of confidence to make my first trades in a very short time.
With this strategy it is easier to determine your entry and exit points. This is because you make a good analysis in advance and you work consistently.

I often hear from stories that people do not dare to take a trade, especially beginners. With this clear explanation and technique, it is definitely worth taking the course. Your advice and guidance in practice after the theory is also highly appreciated.

Also a big compliment to the portal with all dashboards"

Angelo - Spain


"A course with a difference, most courses consist of just manuals or videos. This is different as once you have completed the videos you also get online interaction with both Alex and Nicky via a chat group. This is in addition to the weekly webinars where you can ask questions relating to the videos as the week’s progress. ACT is an interesting strategy with its execution based on technical information covered in the videos.

The ACT strategy also covers a ‘recovery’ plan should your trade entry be made at the wrong time allowing you turn what was a losing position, into breakeven or even a profit."

Andy W - United Kingdom


"Thanks Alex and Nicky for this course, truely a solid 'lifestyle Business'... As a total newbie to Forex trading I'm so happy to have enrolled as after just a few short weeks I feel totally confident that have at last found the perfect business that fits around my work and family commitments...

The framework that you teach us makes absolute sense, built on a proper business principles...

I could go on but let's just say its been fun, enjoyable and profitable already! Thanks again for putting this, 'one of a kind' programme together...I'd recommend it to anyone.. It's a no brainer..."

Jeremy - United Kingdom


"I came across the Active Currency Trader programme a while ago. Having purchased other strategies and training courses to help with my financial trading in the past I enrolled on the programme with a degree of scepticism. That scepticism was soon replaced by a growing confidence that this approach can work for me. The idea is simple, we make a study of the fundamentals that drive the market (and don't worry Alex and Nicky make this part easy to understand and take time to make sure we all grasp what is required). We use those fundamentals to build a picture of the likely dominant direction for each currency pair. Then we time our entries based on the charts and the technical structure.

The proof of the pudding is of course in the eating. I've been trading the ideas 'live' now for just over two weeks; I do my fundamental study at some point over the weekend, keep an eye out for any significant news events during the week and check charts in the evening. I know others have time to look in during the day but this routine suits me. I place orders if I see a set up that looks promising and so far I've had 7 entries triggered. Three have closed at target producing 349 points profit, the other three are still running, one of those is in negative territory but I'm relaxed about it.

For the first time ever I feel confident that I'm trading in the right direction and am looking forward to checking my charts again this evening. Alex and Nicky have devised a great programme - they deliver the material really well and provide extra time via webinars and a Discord group to make sure none of us are struggling with any of the concepts. I'd recommend anyone interested in making their trading more profitable to take a look"

Roger - United Kingdom


"To start with, I was hesitant in signing up the course in the first place, but, after going through the course, I never regret from signing up the course. It has actually opened my eye to see things differently when come to trading FX market. One of the most impressive things with the course is to be able analyse the financial data (freely available) that hedge funds and financial institutions are looking at. The score card system definitely cuts short the time in scrolling through chart after chart and allows you to focus on potential trades. By combining both technical and fundamental analysis, you will improve your success rate in trades. I would recommend the course to others without doubt."

Kher - United Kingdom


"I thought the course was fantastic especially for a beginner like myself as every aspect of what we needed to know was covered in detail within the course, with any areas of uncertainty that needed clarifying being fully supported by Alex and Nicky either by email or the discord group.

For anyone interested in forex , this course is a no brainer, allowing you to fully optimise your trading experience via the unique approach to using both fundamental and technical analysis to determine a directional bias and thereby cleverly managing risk. I wish I had found this course years ago."

Rafique - United Kingdom

"l first started trading FX over a decade ago and in that time l’ve done lots of research, read lots of books, gone to conferences in London, joined forums, attended webinars with all manner of star traders, done quite a few courses and tried all manner of strategies and methods. Quite a lot of the trading methods and styles l encountered were, in hindsight, actually conceived to trade the stock, futures and commodities markets not the FX market and just didn’t perform as it was promised they would. Several of the supposed experienced and star traders weren’t what they promoted themselves to be either. When l did occasionally find good courses/mentors l could see that they were able to make their methods work for them and usually one or two of their students could make a good fist of it too, but try as l may l couldn’t make them work for me nor could most of their other students. Over the years l was never much more than a break even trader despite my best efforts and eventually l called it a day.

At the start of this year l had no intention to take up trading again but to my surprise l was intrigued by an email from Alex and Nicky which echoed my thoughts about my previous experiences but promised a real paradigm shift in how to approach and trade the FX markets. What they were saying made a ton of sense to me and offered the prospect of a solid method enabling me to obtain a second income from the markets trading the charts once a day in the evenings; a method they claimed was as objective, taking as much of the emotion and stress out of the process as possible, and not one that required a highly individualised personal talent to achieve results. Since signing on l haven’t been disappointed, what they have put together is to my mind impressive.

Trading the ACT method is unlike all my previous trading approaches in that l feel l have a very solid overview of the current markets and a straightforward plan of action before l even open the charts to find trades. Using the Scorecard and Grid plus the simple filters takes practically all the stress and negative emotion out of the situation and l have a confidence l never experienced previously in all the trades l place and my ability to manage and make a profit from them. The pleasure has come back into my trading and l’m feeling positive about making a sustainable second income for myself over the long term.

If you are serious about trading, are prepared to put some effort in during the course to build an income based on solid long term foundations l think ACT is, from my experience, the best opportunity out there to achieve it."

Michael - United Kingdom


"Having traded for a short time many years ago and lost my trading bank inside of a year due to poor decision making and not really understanding how the Forex markets work, Alex and Nicky's approach is everything I wish I had known back then. Alex's enthusiasm for the system fills you with confidence and once you understand the process you just know that this is exactly what you need to succeed in the markets. A truly professional approach."

Mark - United Kingdom


"Well Alex & Nicky I have been trading forex for over 13 years and seen/heard/read/bought so much FX BS, so here are just a few words as feedback on my journey so far with your new venture The Active Currency Trader (ACT) Programme.

I am so glad I decided to invest in ACT, my decision to join was made when you answered my email Alex re: my personal concerns back in February.

The programme is very comprehensive and is presented so professionally with many “light bulb” moments for me so much so that it has rekindled my FX battery with a desire to make a success using this (very) different approach to trading FX. I now take away a framework structure and comprehensive support material to help me on my new journey.

I asked myself the question: IF I was a FX newbie would I understand and benefit from the ACT programme? Well to answer that I’m of the opinion that the more you know (or think you know) about FX could be a distraction as I needed to look at this through fresh FX eyes (even at my age..70!!!).

Btw, The weekly module videos (short, sharp and precise, no BS) I found to be of massive help especially with the knowledge that I have access to them whenever I need them in the future while updating my scorecards.

Nothing was too much trouble for either of you in supporting us, so thank you so much and every success is wished upon you both."

Marty - Ireland


"It was with some trepidation that I went ahead and purchased the Active Currency Trader Program which is taught by Alex & Nicky Ong at TC Markets. I had done a fair amount of trading in the past, read everything I could find on technical analysis and failed to progress beyond being a breakeven trader over any decent sample of trades.

I was always of the opinion that I wouldn't pay for a Forex trading course, I believed that everything was available for free online... The problem though, is that the vast majority of people online are losing money! When I heard about the ACT program I was intrigued but still sceptical so I emailed Alex explaining my concerns and after hearing his response I weighed everything up and decided to take the risk. Well, I'm glad I did! The ACT framework is very different to anything I've seen before and offers an approach to trading that really removes the stress from making decisions and managing positions in the forex markets.

Alex & Nicky have different skillsets which come together in this course to provide a solid and robust trading strategy that allows you to manage a portfolio of positions safe in the knowledge that you have taken your trades based on very solid reasoning and that reasoning will not change in an instant - you have time and this creates a much calmer and more consistent trading experience.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who has a desire to trade the forex markets but hasn't yet found their edge, or in fact, even if you have found an edge, this program would add another winning strategy to your trading plan"

Liam - United Kingdom


Let us help you take your first step towards financial freedom today. We cannot promise you overnight riches, but we can show teach you a very reliable and consistent way of generating profits trading the Forex markets.



Your Special Offer Includes

Market previews

Trade alerts

 Research toolset

TraderChat Discord group

Analysis of 27+ pairs

Weekly webinars

Market commentary

Professional Trading Tutorials

Personal coaching & unlimited support




Your Subscription Includes

Market previews

Trade alerts

 Research toolset

TraderChat Discord group

Analysis of 27+ pairs

Weekly webinars

Market commentary

Professional Trading Tutorials

Personal coaching & unlimited support


"Alex and Nicky are very professional, helpful and customer focused and the coursework well presented, detailed and effective. They are extremely nice chaps to boot! The webinars are well presented and interesting, you are never looking at the time and you always learn something.

The ACT programme is completely different from any trading course I have seen, it is a comprehensive, interactive study course in how to approach the FX markets like a professional, use fundamental and technical analysis, interpret data and then apply it all to your trading. You will learn to look at the FX markets in a completely different way, highly recommended!" 



Let's take a moment to answer any questions you may have about this programme of learning to trade in general