Most home traders fail to make sustainable profits because they are all trading the same systems that simply do not work in the Forex markets.

Our approach to generating consistent profits is based on an institutional framework that we have tailored for the average retail trader.

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With 32 years combined experience trading for ourselves, an investment fund and also teaching others, we feel that we are the perfect partners for anyone that is serious about learning to generate profits trading the Forex markets. What makes us different is that we don't just know how to make money trading currencies for ourselves but we also understand how to teach the average home trader to do the same.

Most of the information available on the internet today is based solely around technical analysis and trying to make money from price patterns alone. Whilst it is possible to experience success doing this, the reality is that there are far easier ways to make money as a Forex trader. All of our trading decisions are made following an objective data driven approach that not only ensures a greater level of consistency, but also allows you to make money even if you are wrong on the direction or timing of your trade.

We do not teach generic strategies that you will find on other educators training programmes or freely available on the internet. Our trading approach is based on an institutional framework but has been built from the ground up with the average home trader in mind. We looked at the dynamics of the currency markets and the typical hurdles that you will face as a retail trader to ensure the trading strategies we developed firmly put the odds of success in your favour.

When you join our community you will learn to trade the Forex markets with confidence and consistency.

"This is the safest trading system that I have ever come across. Trading always involves risk but this system uses natural harmonic movement in price action to capture profit whilst cleverly managing risk. Using this system to execute trades, combined with basic technical and fundamental knowledge (that TC Markets provide), will almost certainly grow your trading account." 



Whether you are brand new to Forex or a seasoned professional looking for a little extra support, we have the tools to help you get the most out of your trading. Our primary goal is to help you make money trading the currency markets.

Here at TC Markets we firmly believe in practising what we preach. The strategies that you will learn when you become part of our community are the exactly the same as the ones we use to generate profits for our Private Investor Fund. It is no secret that many home traders fail to make the grade and end up giving up without ever making any profit, the good news is that this fate is easily avoidable.

Most retail traders fail, because they all try to make money doing the same thing. They learn the same easy to understand technical analysis strategies that pretty much set them up for failure. They believe that a simple indicator or price action based strategy will lead them to riches and the sad fact is that whilst this might work for some, it is note the solution for most.

We teach traders to make money using a solid framework that has not only stood the test of time, but is based on an understanding of the dynamics of the market that we are trading. The Forex markets are very different to any other market you are going to trade, which is the reason generic strategies are not the going to allow you to make long term sustainable profits.

Our trading approach is similar what you would find on the desk of a city hedge fund or investment bank. We look at the data that matters to derive a directional bias and then execute our trades according to our proprietary trading framework. We stack the odds in your favour and allow you to make trading decisions with the confidence that you will make money in the long run.

If your goal is to make money trading the Forex markets, we urge you to see through the claims of easy riches and simple indicator based trading systems and commit to learning a reliable and data driven approach to generating consistent profits from your Forex trading.


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