When you attend this LIVE workshop you will learn to use our Market Edge swing trading strategy to generate a consistent income trading FX, Commodities, Indicies, Equities and even Crypto currencies.


Join our live workshop to learn a strategy that can help you make an income from your trading

Don't Trade Alone! Learn To Make Real Money Trading The Markets From Professional Traders 

Whether you are brand new to Forex or a seasoned professional looking for a little extra support, we have the tools to help you get the most out of your trading. Our primary goal is to help you make money trading the currency markets.

Here at TC Markets we firmly believe in practising what we preach. The strategies that you will learn when you become part of our community are the exactly the same as the ones we use to generate profits for our Private Investor Fund. It is no secret that many home traders fail to make the grade and end up giving up without ever making any profit, the good news is this fate is easily avoidable.

We teach traders to make money using a solid framework that has not only stood the test of time, but is based on an understanding of the dynamics of the market that we are trading. The Forex markets are very different to any other market you are going to trade, which is the reason generic strategies are not the going to allow you to make long term sustainable profits.

Our trading approach is similar to what you would find on the desk of a city hedge fund or investment bank. We look at the data that matters to derive a directional bias and then execute our trades according to our proprietary trading framework. We stack the odds in your favour and allow you to make trading decisions with the confidence that you will make money in the long run.

If your goal is to make money trading the Forex markets, we urge you to see through the claims of easy riches and commit to learning a reliable and data driven approach to generating consistent profits from your Forex trading.

Live Trading

Join us every week for our FREE live trading sessions. This is a great opportunity to watch us analyse and trade the markets in real time, whilst also giving you a platform to get all of your trading questions answered.


Market Analysis

Get unparalleled Forex market analysis delivered directly to your inbox every week. Our famous Market Scoop report looks at all the news, events and data affecting the currency markets and gives you a plan of action to set you up for the week ahead.


Trading Indicators

Successful trading is about maintaining an edge in the markets. Our custom indicators will help you increase your win rate by identifying high probability trading set ups in the Forex, Commodities, Equities and Crypto markets.


If you are new to trading or struggling to find consistency in your results, you need a mentor. You need to learn a strategy with a proven track record and then receive guidance from someone who knows what it takes to make consistent profits trading the market.

We created the TC Markets accelerator programme to give you the tools and coaching you need to become a successful trader. This is a professional mentorship designed to take you from zero to consistently profitable trader in 8 weeks.

Spaces are limited and we don't work with everyone, but if you feel you have the determination and work ethic to succeed, and you are happy to invest in professional coaching, please complete an application and book a discovery call today.


The TC Markets Team

Alex & Nicky Ong are professional traders with over 32 years combined trading experience. Having begun their careers in 2005 trading their own book, they quickly transitioned into fund management, establishing a Gibraltar based private investor fund.

During their careers they have been able to make money in a multitude of different trading environments, proving their approach to the markets is not only effective but robust. So whether it be a great recession like the one in 2008, a national disaster, political instability, a global pandemic or any of the other countless markets that they have traded through, you can rest assured the strategies you will learn are built and proven to last.

In addition to their trading successes, over the past decade they have also built an impressive track record of teaching people like yourself to make money trading the financial markets. 

"This is the safest trading system that I have ever come across. Trading always involves risk but this system uses natural harmonic movement in price action to capture profit whilst cleverly managing risk. Using this system to execute trades, combined with basic technical and fundamental knowledge (that TC Markets provide), will almost certainly grow your trading account." 



Learn how to generate a 74% win rate from your Forex trading and become a consistently profitable trader